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Rob and Cindy and their five children are clients in our Follow-up program. They are close to completing their two-year enrollment in the program and we are proud to report that they are doing very well. Four of their five children have had health and/or behavioral problems requiring health assistance, but they have successfully applied for and received social security benefits. In addition, both parents have worked full-time then entire time they were in the program and they have remained current on their rent. They have so successfully pulled themselves up to self-sufficiency that they no longer qualify for any public assistance other than minimal food stamps and the disability benefits through SSI. This family has worked very hard to achieve their goals and remain self-sufficient and they have been very appreciative of our case manager’s support and guidance.

John (a single father) and his three young daughters came to the shelter in August, 2007. His children are nine, eight and seven years old. He was unemployed when he arrived and worked diligently to find a job, which he had done by the time he left the shelter. After successfully completing the Emergency Shelter Program he enthusiastically enrolled in our two-year Follow-up Program. He has been in that program for over a year now and has done extremely well. The family is living in low-income housing and qualify for subsidized housing because although John has steady employment, it is a relatively low paying job ($10.00/hr.) and he pays daycare for his three children. John has been employed full time since leaving the shelter. He consistently meets with his Follow-up Case Manager and follows through on all referrals made. John is a very good role model for single fathers: his home is clean, and he cooks meals for his children daily. He reports he takes them out to dinner on his paydays and often finds family activities for them to do together on the weekends. He is amazing with his children and takes the time to acknowledge each of their talents and accomplishments. He is committed to keeping the family together.

Erma and her two teenage children recently graduated from the Follow-up Case Management program after receiving services for two years. When she first came to GTH Erma had over $2,000 in past-due utilities and back rent which had driven her into homelessness. In fairness, a large part of the reason for the over due rent was because of seriously substandard living conditions, but Erma agreed to pay the rent due. With GTH’s assistance, Erma was able to find permanent affordable housing at the Stagecoach Apartments. Our Case Manager helped Erma develop a budget and pay-off plan supported by her employment at Bonnell Good Samaritan Center. Not only did Erma manage to pay off the past debt, she has successfully stayed in her housing (she is due to renew her lease at Stagecoach) and no longer qualifies for Medicaid or Food Stamps. She recently received her driver’s license after working hard to obtain it for the past five months, and proudly watched her son graduate from high school this spring.

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