How to Get Help

Who is eligible for our Emergency Shelter Program?

Any family, regardless of age, race, religion, sexual orientation, color or creed, who is in need of temporary emergency housing, is eligible. The family must demonstrate that no other housing is available to them and that they are highly motivated to establish independent living as quickly as possible. Additionally, they must be willing to pursue an action plan for establishing self-sufficiency.

How the Program Works

  • Families must apply for admittance into the program in person at the shelter. Admittance, after meeting the screening criteria, is on a space available basis.
  • The Program Case Manager will perform an initial eligibility screening and if accepted into the program, will assist the family in preparing a self-sufficiency action plan.
  • Throughout their maximum 60 day stay at the shelter, the Program Case Manager will continue to work with the family in locating and utilizing community resources for the period of time they are in residence, as well as completing goals related to the family’s self-sufficiency plan (primarily to attain housing and employment).

We are located at

1206 10th Street
Greeley, CO 80631
(970) 352-3215

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